List of all Scientists and their Inventions

List of all Scientists and their Inventions
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List of all Scientists and their Inventions – An Invention may be a distinctive methodology, composition or method. The Invention method may be a method inside Associate in Nursing overall engineering and merchandise development method. 3 areas of Inventions like Scientific – technological (including medicine), Sociopolitical (including political economy and law), and humanistic, or cultural. Here is that the complete List of all Scientists and their Inventions.

List of all Scientists and their Inventions

Name of Invention Year Name of Inventor Country
Aeroplane 1903 Orville & Wilbur Wright USA
Artificial heart 1957 Willem Johan Kolff Netherlands
Atomic bomb 1945 J. Robert Oppenheimer USA
Hydrogen Bomb 1952 Edward Teller USA/Hungary
Neutron Bomb 1958 Samuel Cohen USA
Barometer 1644 Evangelista Torricelli Italy
Bicycle 1839-40 Kirkpatrick Macmillan Britain
Car(steam) 1769 Nicolas Joseph Cugnot France
Clock(mechanical) 1725 I-hsi & Liang Ling- Tsan China
Clock(pendulam) 1656 Christiaan Huygens Netherlands
Diesel engine 1895 Rudolf Diesel Germany
Electric lamp 1879 Thomas Alva Edison USA
Electronic computer 1824 Dr. Alan M. Turing Britain
Fountain pen 1884 Lewis E. Waterman USA
Galvanometer 1834 Andre-Marie Ampere France
Guided missile 1912 Wernher van Braun Germany
Helicopter 1924 Etienne Oehmichen France
Jet engine 1937 Sir Frank Whittle Britain
Laser 1960 Theodore H. Maiman USA
Microphone 1876 Alexander Graham Bell USA
Micro-processor 1971 Robert Noyce & Gordon Moore USA
Optical fibre 1955 Narinder Kapany Germany
Pasteurization 1867 Louis Pasteur France
Printing Press 1455 Johannes Gutenberg Germany
Radar 1922 A.H. Taylor & Leo C. Young USA
Refrigerator 1850 James Harrison, Alexander Catlin USA
Steam engine 1765 James Watt Britian
Submarine 1776 David Bushnell USA
Super Computer 1976 J.H.Van Tassel USA
Tank 1914 Sir Ernest D. Swington Britain
Telegraph 1787 M. Lammond France
Telescope 1608 Hanslippershey Netherlands
Television (mechanical) 1926 John Logie Baird Bratian
Television (electronic) 1927 P.T. Farnsworth USA
Thermometer 1593 Galileo galilei Italy
Transistor 1948 Bardeen, Shockley & Brattain USA
Type Writter 1808 pellegrine Tarri Italy
Stethoscope 1819 Rene laennec France
Electro-Cardiograph 1903 Willem Einthoven Netherlands
Penicillin 1928 Alexander Fleming Britain
D.D.T.(Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane) 1939 Paul Muller Germany
Rh-factor 1940 Weiner USA
Cryo-Surgery 1953 Henry Swan USA
Poliomyelitis vaccine (incectivates) 1954 Jonas Salk USA
Poliomyelitis vaccine (oral) 1960 Albert Sabin USA
Heart Transplant Surgery 1967 Christiaan Barnard South Africa
CAT Scanner 1968 Godfrey Hounsfield Britain
Recombinant-DNA Technology 1972-73 Paul Berg, H.W. Boyer, S. Cohen USA
First Test Tube Baby 1978 Patrick steptoe & Robert Edwards Britain
X-Ray 1895 William Roentgen Germany
Rabies Vaccine 1860 Louis Pasteur France
Vaccination 1796 Edward Jenner England
Battery 1800 Alessandro volta Italy
Dynamite 1866 Alfrednobel Sweden


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