Features of Truecaller

Features of Truecaller
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Hidden Features of Truecaller

Thing to Know and Get Started with Truecaller App

Truecaller is a Swedish company which has more than 145 million users in India, Recently they have taken over Chillr to boost payment business in India.

Creating Of Profile:

  • We can create our own profile and present it the way we want.
  • We can add picture, name and information like mailing address, email id etc.
  • We have privacy setting too where we can set who to see our profile and who not to see.
  •  We can also link True caller with google and Facebook accounts.

Find the Contact:

  • We Have Directory in Truecaller just by typing name, number or email id it will show the result from its database.
  •  It already have few numbers of hotels, banks and airlines, railway, healthcare services in its database.

See Contact Last Online Status:

  • We can also check the last online status of the user even if it is not connected with internet.

Default Dialler and Messenger:

  • We can set Truecaller as default call dialler and messenger.
  •  We set notification alert to the same.

Find the user even the contact number is not saved:

  •  As True caller has its data base we can get to know the person calling if it is record.

Spam Calls and Messages:

  • We can Mark people calling from offers and sell as spam, even we can block the numbers. Truecaller will mark the contact in red color.
  • We can enable spam protection which prompt a message alert if the message is spam.

Video Calling:

  • True caller has video calling feature too and the call will be made through Google Duo app.

Un listing:

  • We can unlist our number from truecaller going into the site
  • Before unlisting we have close our account from True caller going into the application.

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