Apple May Stop iPhone X from Summer This Year

Apple may stop iPhone X from summer this year
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Apple may stop iPhone X from summer this year


  • Decrease in Demand
  • Less Sales
  • Huge Manufacturing Cost

A Report says it could be the first time Apple has cancelled a phone model since the iPhone 5C in 2014. According to an analyst the new model has disappointing sale which could lead to the phone being cancelled – with production stopping as soon as this summer.

Inside talk of Apple says, Chinese interest in the phone has been lower as consumers believe there is less usable space than on the iPhone 8 Plus.

In Comparison we found the sale of iPhone 8 & 8Plus was at higher note than iPhone X.

Expert’s reports the high price and its ‘lack of interesting innovations’ could deter many buyers. iPhone X Apple’s most expensive handset yet.

Apple KGI security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes there will be a modest 5 per cent growth in overall sales during the first half of 2018 for iPhone X.

Late this year Apple is planning to release three models with lower cost.

There were only 4.97 million Weibo posts mentioning the iPhone X so far in December compared to over 11 million for the iPhone 6 in the equivalent period in 2014, the analysis showed.

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